I do hope someone is reading these. Anyway carrying on from ASA/ISO, I mentioned at the end of the last blog that utilising higher ISO speeds on my DSLR allows me to use more usable apertures even when the light is low. In these days of full automatic cameras I think sometimes the bonus of […]

Moving on

Sorry for the gap between posts. I’ve been away with work and I never seem to have the time offshore to sit and blog. Anyway I digress. Between my first SLR and my first DSLR I had a variety of compact cameras as thats what fitted my needs best. I do recall getting a Minolta […]

The day after

So here I am having my afternoon cup of tea thinking about what to write. I guess I should start at the beginning of my passion for cameras and photography. I grew up with a Dad who was very keen on photography so I was always surrounded by books and magazines showing the latest equipment […]

Out of the blue

So there you go. The power of social media and your very own website. Little did I know when my Whitby Goth Weekend FB album was shared on the Redcar Blog FB page that I would receive a phone call from the local press. But thats exactly what happened. A few hours later and there […]

The Beacon at night


David has a love of his home region, regularly visiting local points of interest and spending many a hour trying to capture the right image. Here you see the much debated Redcar Beacon that was dubbed a “vertical pier”. Love it or hate we hope you agree with the quality of the image David captured. […]