The day after

So here I am having my afternoon cup of tea thinking about what to write. I guess I should start at the beginning of my passion for cameras and photography. I grew up with a Dad who was very keen on photography so I was always surrounded by books and magazines showing the latest equipment and techniques. It led me to joining an after school camera club in which we learnt the basics of developing black and white film and how to dodge and burn the developed photograph. My camera at the time was a basic 135mm cartridge type which I think was a Minolta. These cameras where very simple to operate but did have a built in flash which was set to one side if the lens which actually worked quite well. The film was easy to load as it was a cartridge type so no need to feed film through the winder etc.



I’m sure young people today would find this hilarious and wonder where the USB connection is. From this I moved on to a SLR, ┬áit came second hand from a work colleague of my Dads. Now this was a Minolta with a 35mm lens. It had a independant flash so I could try some new things. At the time my Dad was shooting with a Nikon 35mm EM and a small collection of Nikon and Hoya lenses. I now have this camera in my possession and given it was bought in 1981 I have successfully ran some film through it to make sure it functions. It is again a very simple camera with only Aperture control and the speed set accordingly. My aim is to use Black and White film in this camera and shoot it alongside my Nikon D4 for a comparison.



Here they are side by side…..

Anyway thats enough for today. Visit tomorrow for some of the same.



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